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Technical SEO Service

Achieving Success with a Results-Driven Technical SEO Firm

Every moment your webpage takes longer to load, you risk higher bounce rates and losing potential leads. Enhance your site’s speed and attract top-notch leads and visitors with Web Welder Marketing Agency’s specialized technical SEO solutions.

Technical SEO Explained: Why It Matters for Your Online Presence

Technical SEO involves optimizing your website to meet search engine standards, ensuring it’s easily crawled and indexed. A technical SEO audit aims to evaluate your site’s optimization level and identify areas needing enhancement for an improved online user experience.

The digital landscape is rapidly changing with evolving user expectations and sophisticated search engines. Statista reports around 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. This increase in mobile usage led Google to update its algorithm, giving higher weight to page speed and responsiveness in its ranking criteria.

Websites plagued by poor structure, slow loading times, and problematic redirects may face Google penalties. Neglecting these technical SEO issues could lead to a significant drop in search rankings and organic traffic. Considering that the top organic search results garner about 35 percent of clicks, decreasing ranking positions can severely impact your business’s online visibility and success.

Technical SEO: The Starting Point for Superior Search Experiences

Web standards and search engine guidelines are like rules that ensure a safe and helpful online experience for everyone, including customers and businesses. Unfortunately, some people try to cheat the system by using sneaky tricks in their link building, known as ‘black hat’ techniques.

Using shady tactics in SEO is strongly discouraged. While black hat link building might give you quick results, it can lead to serious problems in the long run.

Many marketers resort to black hat SEO link building to speed up their efforts. However, this shortcut can backfire, potentially causing your website to be penalized or even removed from search results – a nightmare scenario you want to avoid.

Instead, consider incorporating ‘white hat’ link building solutions into your digital marketing strategy. This approach will bring in high-quality traffic, improve your site’s visibility, and enhance your brand’s reputation.


Boost Your Local Business with Professional Technical SEO Services

Navigating the dynamic world of digital competition requires staying ahead with the latest on-page technical SEO practices and algorithm updates to maximize your website’s earning potential. Grasping the essentials of technical SEO is key to preparing your web pages for both search engines and users.

The scope of technical SEO includes:

  • Conducting crawl error analysis
  • Resolving content duplication issues
  • Setting up the preferred domain
  • Enhancing meta tags and descriptions
  • Managing HTTPS status checks
  • Fixing broken links
  • Developing an XML sitemap
  • Implementing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Boosting website loading speed
  • Configuring robots.txt
  • Mobile optimization of the site
  • Reviewing redirect strategies
  • Executing a Google site search
  • And other related tasks

Balancing the intricate technical SEO requirements with your main business activities can be resource-intensive. That’s where our team of technical SEO specialists steps in to assist.

Is your website’s technical SEO undermining your organic search results? Allow our technical SEO agency to tackle these challenges. By partnering with us for your technical SEO audit and optimization, you can unlock your business’s true growth potential.

Maximize Your Online Impact with Our Expert Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO Services

Transforming Your Online Presence with Proven SEO Tactics


Gain a full understanding of your rivals' optimization methods and identify your own chances for conversion. Our technical SEO expert reviews how well your competitors are doing with their keywords, their rankings in search engines, their activity on social media, and their technical setup and backlink profile. By doing this, we can develop plans that give you a clear edge in your specific market.


We conduct a thorough SEO technical audit to pinpoint and resolve the technical problems on your website. This examination includes essential areas like mobile responsiveness, how internal links are organized, the speed of your pages, the XML sitemap, how search engines index your site, crawl issues, the robots.txt file, and the overall structure of your website. Based on the findings from this analysis, we craft both immediate and future strategies aimed at enhancing the experience of your site's visitors and boosting your position in Google search results.


Large pictures can negatively impact your website's speed, potentially causing visitors to leave. Enhance your site's loading speed and draw in more clientele by employing technical SEO tailored for eCommerce. Our experts select optimal file formats, fine-tune alt attributes, minimize image file sizes, employ image sitemaps, and fully leverage image optimization plugins. This approach not only speeds up your website but also improves the overall user experience, attracting and retaining more customers.


Enhance your web presence and attract increased traffic by utilizing meta tags that accurately represent your page's content to both users and search engines. At Web Welder, we specialize in technical SEO for WordPress sites, focusing on the thorough examination and refinement of your meta descriptions, title tags, meta keywords, alt attributes, and robots tags. Our approach guarantees that any improper use of metadata won't detrimentally impact your SEO effectiveness.


Enhance the visibility and interpretation of your content by search engines through the implementation of schema markup. Our approach focuses on identifying key elements of your webpage, tagging them with relevant data, crafting the necessary HTML, and integrating the schema markup directly into your site. To ensure accuracy and effectiveness, our team employs Google's Structured Data Testing Tool, allowing us to thoroughly test your markup and resolve any potential discrepancies.


The speed of your Website not only influences your search engine rankings but also significantly impacts the user experience of your customers. Our skilled technical SEO experts focus on compressing files to minimize the size of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML documents. Additionally, we enhance your site by refining the code structure, minimizing redirections, effectively utilizing browser caching, employing content delivery networks (CDNs), and boosting the response time of your server. This multi-faceted approach ensures a more efficient and user-friendly online presence.


Enhance your knowledge of your website's digital authority and its potential in search rankings through specialized technical SEO, applicable to eCommerce and various other platforms. Our experts conduct thorough evaluations of your backlinks, guaranteeing that your site receives inbound links from credible and authoritative sources. We employ multiple sources of backlink data to pinpoint your referring domains, assess their website authority, and evaluate the extent of social sharing of the linked pages.


Google sanctions can result from alterations in algorithms or the use of unethical technical SEO practices in WordPress. Our team of SEO specialists is equipped to aid in your recovery from such penalties. We employ Google Search Console to determine the specific nature of the penalty impacting your site, evaluate your link-building approaches, and address discrepancies in web pages and content that Google has indexed. Additionally, we meticulously verify all your redirects to guarantee their proper functionality.


Keyword analysis forms the foundation of your online marketing approach. Gain a deep understanding of prevailing market tendencies and customer inclinations while ensuring optimal keyword integration across your site. Our team of SEO experts delves into your specific field, conducting detailed SEO evaluations to assess your current keyword standings. We then refine your website content with targeted, high-impact search phrases.


Migrating a website requires careful handling. Establish a strong plan for migration to preserve essential traffic. Our approach to SEO-compatible website migration includes measuring previous analytics performance, redirecting all modified URLs from the original site to the new domain, revising internal links, removing redundant content, addressing 404 error pages, and keeping a close watch on both traffic and search engine rankings.

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