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When you’re starting out as an entrepreneur, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to branding. There are so many things that need to be done in order for your business to succeed, and the last thing you want to do is spend money on something that doesn’t work.

At Web Welders, we can help you with everything from logo design to brand identity creation. We know how to create a logo that will stand out, what kind of fonts to use, and how to make sure that your business cards are eye-catching enough to get people interested.

If you’re looking to start up your own business, or just want to improve your existing one, we can help you create the perfect brand identity for your company.

What Is Brand Identity?

In short, brand identity refers to the overall look of your business. That means that your logo, website, social media accounts, business cards, letterheads, and other marketing materials all form part of your brand identity.

Your brand identity helps to set your company apart from others by giving it a personality. When people see your logo, they instantly associate it with your business. They might not even realize that they are seeing your logo at first, but once they do, they will associate the image with your business. This means your brand should align with your values since it will determine how customers recognize and define you. We can help create a brand strategy that is consistent with your message and the reputation you want to build.

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This is why it is important to create a logo that stands out and looks professional. If you don’t want your clients to associate your brand with your competitors, then you need to make sure that your logo makes people think about you and not your competition.

Why Does Brand Identity Matter?

The reason brand identity matters is because it helps to establish the reputation of your business. People who are familiar with your brand will always remember it, no matter how long ago they used to interact with it.

A familiar brand is one customers trust. A lot of people like to buy from businesses that they feel comfortable with. This is why it is absolutely vital to make sure that your brand identity reflects your company well.

If you want to attract more clients, then you need to make sure that your brand identity is strong. It won’t matter whether or not you offer great customer service if nobody recognizes your business.

How To Create a Strong Brand Identity

When creating a brand identify, we take the following into account:

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Social Media Design

You may notice that some aspects overlap each other. For example, you could use the same font for both your logo and your social media profile.

We will work with you to create the best first impression. Starting with your website, we will create a clean layout and a theme to enhance the overall quality of your site.

We will select amazing fonts for your website and your logo. These are two pieces of your brand identity that people will recognize the quickest. As such, it is worth spending time getting these right.

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We will help you create a brand identity across your social media profiles. Not only will people see your logo and website, but they will also see your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Our goal is to help you identify your target audience and define their needs and expectations and then help you focus on nurturing potential customers so they move from brand awareness to brand consideration. We will create visual synergy that gives you a solid brand identity and helps build credibility and trust.

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