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Top 8 Tips To Increase Visibility on Instagram


Initially Instagram was developed for just sharing the photos, and after video sharing feature was also added on Instagram. Now Instagram uses it for dynamical purposes such as business promotions, e-commerce and etc. Due to the high rush on Instagram it is difficult for the new users to increase visibility on Instagram. For increasing your presence and visibility on Instagram we have put some tips, and these tips will really help you.

1. Choose the Aesthetics

Aesthetics are a very important thing in the meaning of Instagram. Instagram is the video and photos sharing platform, initially it was developed for photo sharing. First of all you need to make a plan and need to stick on what you have decided. If you are looking for a fashion brand on Instagram then you need to stick to it, if you want to promote your brand then you should design attractive and eye-catching images. You can follow someone who is already working on the same type of brand that you want to run on Instagram, just for observing their way of working.

2. Recognize Your Niche

If you want the instant and effective boost on your content then you should need to recognize your brand’s niche. You need to understand the targeted traffic, what type of followers you want on your profile and how you can interact with other social media platforms. For example if you have fashion brand then obviously you need to users those have interest in fashion related products, and might be you want to promote your brand where you can find more profit

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3. Use Engaging and Creative Captions

You should have heard a quote “First Impression is the Last Impression”. When a user reaches your content first he or she reads your caption. Your caption should be precise, attractive and understandable for the user. Sometimes users need to read the caption for understanding the logic of the photos and video. If your caption fails to explain the user about your opinion, then it will not be appropriate for your content. We suggest you always use the captions with keywords and the emojis, keywords will help in explaining your thoughts and emojis will make it attractive.

4. Use Appropriate Hashtags

Hashtags always help in getting an instant boost on the post. Almost all social media have the same searching algorithm, they always focus on hashtags in the searching process. You can get lots of engagements by using hashtags on the photos and videos, similarly you can get free Instagram story views on your Stories. You can get free hashtags on the internet. Either you can download the apps or you can directly extract from the websites. The last thing you need to remember is to always use appropriate hashtags, and never fill your caption with hashtags (2 to 5 hashtags are enough).

5. Be Punctual on Posting

Uploading the post on Instagram is not enough for getting high engagement. You need to be punctual in publishing your content on Instagram. First of all you need to decide what time you will upload your content on instagram and on which days you will upload your content. You must stick to what you have decided. We suggest Thursday to Sunday are the best days for publishing content on Instagram, because on these days there is high traffic on Instagram so you can get lots of engagement on your photos and videos.

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6. Interact with Your Audience

Always respond to the query of the user. If a user shows interest in your content, then he or she will visit your profile and try to reach you through direct message or will comment on the post. It will be your responsibility to answer the users and treat them friendly. For creating more interaction with the audience you can start live streaming with your followers, and let them to ask you any question in the comment box. You have to answer their questions on live streaming and try to be chill and funny with them for more user engagement.

7. Use Instagram Stories

Do you know Instagram stories are the most used feature of Instagram nowadays? Almost 70% of the users are frequently using the Instagram story for sharing their daily life content. Instagram story is the fastest mode of sharing your current mood and activity with your followers. You can also use it for professional purposes, the best way of using this feature is to go live with your audience with the help of Instagram stories. You can also save your live video for the 24 hours on Instagram for those who have missed your live streaming.

8. Analyse Your Competitor

It is natural in business, everyone has a rival or competitor. If you have started your brand on Instagram then surely you must have a competitor. The competitor must have a higher reputation than you and the audience must be high. You can analyse  your competitor by how they are working on Instagram, what way they have adopted it for promoting their products, how many posts they are posting on a daily basis and so on. You can also use the software for competitor analysis.

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