The 16 Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2019

I'm a big fan of finding the latest and greatest digital marketing tools. While digital marketing tools will only help you execute a proper strategy (they won't do the work for you), the right technology stack can really help you zoom past the competition. Some tools out there are foundational -- things like email marketing, [...]

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How to maximize social media traffic to your site

How good exactly is social media at generating referral traffic? Let’s look at the facts. As of 2019, there are 4.39 billion Internet users in the world. Facebook, the social media giant, has 2.32 billion — over half of that. There are five more platforms with over a billion users (YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, [...]

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Startup Social Chain Takes Social Media Marketing To A New Level

As big brands look for new ways to engage with millennials, they've shifted their advertising strategy towards social media. And the people who best understand how to gain traction on social networks are millennials themselves, so brands are paying very young people shocking amounts of money to market to their peers. And it’s working. — [...]

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