Top 8 Tips To Increase Visibility on Instagram

Initially Instagram was developed for just sharing the photos, and after video sharing feature was also added on Instagram. Now Instagram uses it for dynamical purposes such as business promotions, e-commerce and etc. Due to the high rush on Instagram it is difficult for the new users to increase visibility on Instagram. For increasing your [...]

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The 16 Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2019

I'm a big fan of finding the latest and greatest digital marketing tools. While digital marketing tools will only help you execute a proper strategy (they won't do the work for you), the right technology stack can really help you zoom past the competition. Some tools out there are foundational -- things like email marketing, [...]

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Google Introduces Custom Templates to Tag Manager

Google has recently made updates to its Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360 tool to include Custom-Built Templates. Google’s Tag Manager is a system that allows site owners to store, manage, and deploy all marketing tags in one centralized location. “Tags” are elements added to your website, like snippets of code or tracking pixels, that [...]

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3 Common Technology Problems and How to Solve Them

We know that businesses struggle to keep their IT in optimal working condition. While some problems take the skilled hand of an expert to fix properly, many other issues are easier to deal with internally, but still, go chronically unaddressed. Here are some of those problems, and tips for how to deal with them. Problem [...]

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How to Develop Key Performance Indicators

Key Perfromance Indicator's are those things that are associated with either goals or objectives, whatever you're calling them. Those elements of your plan that are the expressions of what you want to achieve by when. Those quantifiable outcome-based statements. So, KPIs answer that quantifiable piece of your goals and objectives.  When developing your KPI's, it [...]

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